As we have previously reported, Fox News host Tucker Carlson filed a 120 million dollar disinformation lawsuit against Dr. Anthony Fauci earlier this week, claiming that his actions caused irreparable harm to the American people and misled the entire country.

Almost immediately after the lawsuit was filed in DC District Court, Dr. Fauci retained the services of the law firm of Cartman, Marsh and Brovlofski, which is well known for defending a variety of elite public figures against defamation and other types of lawsuits.

The law firm filed an appeal in the 47th Circuit Court of Appeals on the same day, claiming that Mr. Carlson has no standing to file a lawsuit on behalf of the American people. That appeal has now been soundly and swiftly rejected.

Disinformation lawsuits are a relatively new concept, according to Prof. Dr. Vanessa Del Rio of the right leaning John Holmes Institute for Law and Justice:

“As I explained last week, disinformation lawsuits are a deep thrust into the bowels of public figures, which is something that conservatives, including Tucker Carlson, have long dreamed of doing. Until recently they’ve been a relatively obscure legal concept, and so it is refreshing to see that he is willing to take the first thrust.

I very much look forward to the outcome in the hope that Mr. Carlson does not prematurely pull out and that his efforts penetrate deep enough to give him the satisfaction that he and his viewers so clearly desire. This decision by the appellate court goes a long way towards, at a minimum, an early and swift penetration.”

In its decision, the 47th Circuit, which consists primarily of judges appointed by former President Donald Trump, writes in part:

“We fully understand the throbbing urgency of Mr. Carlson and his desire to plant his seeds for the benefit of all patriotic Americans. The constitution does not provide for legal contraception from these types of efforts, and so we reject Dr. Fauci’s request for prophylactic relief without prejudice.”

While the court decision certainly does not mean that Mr. Carlson will ultimately prevail in his quest for gratification, it does guarantee at least some initial satisfaction, and just might be an early Christmas present for Potatriotic Americans™ all around the country.


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