Tucker Carlson has filed a $120 million disinformation lawsuit against Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden.

The Fox News host filed the lawsuit on Friday, claiming that Dr. Fauci has “continuously misled the American people” and “caused massive harm to the country”.

As any patriotic American knows, Tucker Carlson and his colleague Sean Hannity at Fox News have been one of the last bastions of truthful reporting over the years, and second to none when it comes to bringing facts to the American people.

In light of that it is not surprising that Mr. Carlson has now taken the next step in journalistic excellence and is trying to hold the subjects of his reporting accountable for their misdeeds. Chief among them is, of course, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has over the past two years raised the ire of many conservative American and has been the focus of much of Mr. Carlson’s reporting.

So, what exactly is a “disinformation lawsuit”? We asked Prof. Dr. Vanessa Del Rio of the right leaning John Holmes Institute for Law and Justice at the University of Wakanda:

“Disinformation lawsuits are really a deep thrust into the bowels of public figures, which is something that conservatives, including Tucker Carlson, have long dreamed of doing. Until recently they’ve been a relatively obscure legal concept, and so it is refreshing to see that he is willing to take the first thrust. I very much look forward to the outcome in the hope that Mr. Carlson does not prematurely pull out and that his efforts penetrate deep enough to give him the satisfaction that he and his viewers so clearly desire.”

Carlson spokesperson Cletus Derpfinger explains why Mr. Carlson filed the lawsuit in the first place:

“First it was the masks, and then ever since the vaccine came out the American people have had to endure all those little pricks. Yet not once has Dr. Fauci apologized for his science and reason, nor has he provided any credible explanation for why the earth isn’t flat. We’re sick of all this sciencing and having to smell our own bad breath when wearing those damn masks.”

Asked to respond, Fauci spokesperson Dr. Jonas Salk said:

“The only two little pricks that have misled the American public are Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. If it wasn’t for them we’d all be much better off as a society.”

Well, my fellow Potatriots™, there you have it. Will Tucker Carlson succeed in his thirst for thrust? Stay tuned.


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