Whoopi Goldberg has made it clear that she believes she should be appointed to the Supreme Court. In an interview on the Joe and Sandy Radio Hour in Detroit, Goldberg made it abundantly clear that she has what it takes:

“I have the right stuff, Joe. I believe in all the things those whackos hate,” Goldberg told host Joe Barron, “I won’t just lay down and vote on an issue, either. I’ll interview celebrities and watch CNN and MSNBC and do some analysis, unlike those hacks Trump appointed.”

Goldberg’s statements were well-received in liberal circles, where they’re planning to replace Joe Biden with Joy Reid. Reid says she’s not a part of any plan as of yet, but that she would definitely get involved if Biden doesn’t appoint someone “woke” such as Whoopi:

“My presidency will support people like Whoopi Goldberg and I will fight hard to make sure her values become everyone’s values.”

Sorry, Ms. Reid, but making people believe what you do isn’t how this works. Presidents don’t just demand fealty regardless of their policies or actions. That’s what we call “fascism.”

Hopefully, patriots, Trump gets elected again in 2024 and we can watch this country go back to what it was before Biden decided to take us away from our echo chamber and towards some kind of “progress.”

God bless America.


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