Whoopi Goldberg must believe everyone just loves her. She probably thinks she can go wherever and do whatever she wants. Unfortunately for her, when she found out that isn’t true, it came with some serious public embarrassment.

When Whoopi showed up to pay her respects to the Queen, Tina Turner, she was politely asked to leave. According to Fallis Gunnington of Patriot Party Press, Turner’s good friend Joe Barron personally told Whoopi to leave. He also reports that her membership to an elite Hollywood sporting venue has been discontinued in Tina’s honor.

Goldberg stormed out of the funeral home as some of the guests reportedly sang “na na na na goo-oood bye” as she left.

ALLOD correspondent Skip Tetheludah has since caught up with Barron, who explained that Tina was a kind and peaceful soul who simply didn’t like Whoopi.

“They had a falling out in 1984 over who would pay the check at In and Out. Tina believed it was Whoopi’s turn. Whoopi said hell no. The rest is history. Turner went on to Thunderdome and Goldberg The Color Purple. The two never spoke again.”

Whoopi’s publicist, Art Tubolls, says the controversial View host went to the funeral home to make amends. “She was gonna stuff a burger with extra onions in the casket. It would have been a beautiful moment.”

Sending Turner off to the afterlife smelling like onions might be a nice thought for you, Whoopi, but she might have had something to say about it. Another swing and a miss from the flailing former star. God Bless America.


  1. Gerri

    That money does not belong to Biden. It’s the peoples money that paid into it working hard for their retirement.They are not entitled to money they didn’t work for. The government has been taking money out of Social Security for years which was supposed to be a one time thing. Let Biden and the rest of the polititions pay for it out of their own money.

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