President Joe Biden suffers from “late-stage dementia,” according to notes from the White House physician obtained by ALLOD. Dr. Joseph Alex Barron wrote the note to the cabinet in hopes that they might be able to use it if necessary.

According to sources close to the story, Biden refuses to acknowledge that he’s sick and won’t resign or accept any criticism on the matter. The 25th Amendment has been mentioned numerous times.

When asked for a comment, Vice President Kamala Harris said she remains loyal to Biden and has no idea where this information comes from. All other media sources have blacked out the note, with the exception of Fox News. They’re currently in court trying to get a judge to release the note to the publec.

Independent researchers say the whole thing is a bit suspect and that satire may not be the best place to look for news, but most Trump supporters disagree.

God bless America.


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