The Senate has censured Kamala Harris for her rude and unladylike behavior at the Vice Presidential debate against VP Mike Pence. The unusual move came after senate republicans viewed the debate and Senator Harris’ actions, words, and demeanor against Pence.

Her behavior was uncalled for and is not becoming of a United States senator, especially a female senator.

Republicans expected a lively, feisty debate, but they believe Kamala Harris went across the line. This is not how a woman should act.

She should have respect for VP Pence. What happened last night was quite the opposite. She was rude and mean to him, treating him as just anyone would come across in her normal everyday life, instead of the pious Christian he is!

These democrats, especially Kamala Harris simply have no respect for people like Mike Pence. It’s unbelievable that she would even be so, uppity, for lack of a better term to treat the Vice President of the United States of America in a way where she made herself look better than him.

How dare she! Especially after Pence got permission from Mother to be near another woman at such a close proximity.

Mike Pence is a man of God. He’s a good, wholesome Christian while we don’t even know what Kamala Harris is. Is she even American? 

Of course, she is you, dolts. But should she treat the Vice President of the United States as her equal instead of what he thinks she should treat him as?

Once again, of course. Don’t be stupid. Or maybe it’s too late for you?

There is even talk that Kamala Harris brought the fly in knowing that flies are attracted to the scent of Mike Pence.

All flies are attracted to the scent of hot garbage, of Mrs. Harris knew it! It’s all her fault. The only way Mike Pence could have looked more uncomfortable during the debate is if their were male dancers distracting him. That’s a fantasy of his we here. Anyway, Joe Barron rocks and God Bless America!

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