The last few weeks have not been kind to one of America’s most iconic and, until recently, beloved companies, the Walt Disney Company.

Embroiled in controversy over defying Florida’s new law prohibiting the discussion of gender and sexual orientation with young children, Disney has been shaken by boycotts, declining stock values and mass resignations of employees.

Last week alone, 350,000 patriotic subscribers cancelled their Disney Plus subscriptions in response, while attendance at Disney parks and resorts both in Orlando and California has allegedly declined significantly.

In spite of all of this, Disney has now decided to double down on its defiance of the new law by introducing a highly controversial new character.

Meet Vinnie, beloved uncle of Minnie Mouse.

Uncle Vinnie is a flamboyant character who is dating both Uncle Scrooge and Minnie Mouse’s Aunt Marj at the same time.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Uncle Vinnie is also a habitual drunkard who illegally entered the United States via Mexico after a failed career as a lawyer in Tijuana, making this the first time Disney has featured an undocumented mouse.

Uncle Vinnie after his arrest by CBP at the Arizona border

The outrage in patriotic GOP circles was immediate and universally condemning, as evidenced by angry reactions from lawmakers and others:

“Having sex with two people at the same is disgusting, even if they are mice!” – Marjorie Taylor Green

“These are children’s characters and will lead people to think it’s OK to have sex with underage girls!” – Matt Gaetz

“They could at least have made the character a wrestler instead of a lawyer, then it wouldn’t so bad.” – Jim Jordan

“We don’t need a cocaine snorting mouse!” – Donald Trump Jr.

“He isn’t sexy enough. They should have given him a leather outfit.” – Tucker Carlson

“STFU and GTFO! Sends briskits.” – Hal Jalikakik

Will Disney be able to weather this latest controversy? We report, you decide.


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