If you’ve noticed that conservatives have been disappearing from Twitter, you’re not alone. Conservative voices have been being silenced from the social media giant for a while now, and it’s been increasingly bad since early January.

Jack Dorsey has personally had a hand in squelching conservative patriots from his platform, and now it’s been revealed that there is a secret kill list of conservatives on the site.

 A disgruntled Twitter employee leaked the kill list, and it is shocking. Twitter has been targeting conservatives and we finally have proof, the list has seen the light of day. This is censorship at its worst folks, a real-life first amendment crisis on social media.

Soon enough, Twitter will be conservative free, and it started with the suspension of Donald John Trump. Jack Dorsey pretended that it pained him to suspend President Trump from the platform, but sources say he took great joy in it and even pushed the button himself.

Constitutional expert Joseph Barron is troubled by the news of the leak. Social media giants have a duty to follow first amendment laws laid out in the constitution that our founders insisted upon.

Did social media and social media apps exist at the time the constitution was written? Of course not.

Does it plainly state that government shall not suppress free speech? Yes, it does. Is Twitter the government? Nope.

But potatoriots continue to believe they have some right to spew stupidity on someone else’s platform that they use for free.

Why are conservatives being banned? Just recently the Gateway Pundit was banned along with MyPillow founder and mega Trump Donor Mike Lindell.

According to Twitter, lying about elections and calling for coups are verboten. If only they had read the Terms Of Service (TOS) that the rules are clearly laid out in.

Is it really conservative targeting? Or is it that these people just can’t seem to play by the rules… we will never know…

Conservatives will continue to be banned by social media companies when conservatives do not follow the rules. Nobody has the right to free speech on someone else’s platform.

It’s literally written into the first amendment of the constitution. Next up we will work on shapes and colors, and maybe proper spelling and punctuation. God bless America!!!


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