Patriotic conservative Americans are thrilled that Elon Musk has decided to purchase Twitter. For too long, the social media platform has been silencing conservatives and other right leaning sources of information, and it’s coming to a stop with Elon Musk. Finally, a major social media company will be run by the tenants of free speech laid out by the constitution of the United States of America.

Recently, influential conservatives such as Roger Stone, Mike Lindell and Majorie Taylor Green have been permanently suspended by the platform, and it’s much to do with the Elon Musk takeover. These are patriots who are bringing facts to Americans, and before the keys are handled over to the Tesla owner, Twitter has decided to shut them up. Apparently they don’t want good godly Americans to hear the facts and truths these uber patriotic Americans are telling their audiences.

While Musk is getting ready to take control of the social media giant, the liberals in charge are having a field day just suspending accounts willy-nilly.  It almost seems without rhyme or reason that these patriots are having their voices silenced. I mean, they’re only doing what their fans are asking them to do. Lie and lie so much that it almost seems If it’s fact. What’s the harm in that? Everyone knows that the pillow guy is about as honest as Donald Trump.

Musk’s media director, Joe Barron can’t understand why Twitter is making these choices. “A little disinformation never hurt anyone. So what if they’re simply stretching the truth, or not even speaking truth. It’s not like these people who are reading it would believe actual facts anyway. They run from it like the plague, which is weird, because when it came to the actual plague, these people ran towards it like it was giving out free cheap beer”.

Conservatives are cheering on Musk and the decision to purchase Twitter. They think they can finally say the things they’ve only been able to speak at a Caucasian only honky Tonk bar in a dumpster fire of a town in southwest Mississippi.  They’ve got their fingers at the ready, just hovering over the N key, waiting for Elon to say go.  It’ll be short lived though as Elon Musk is preparing to charge to use the service, and millions of underemployed rednecks who spent their last 5 bucks on a wrestling pay per view event will have to wait until their government socialist checks that are usually spent on smokes arrive. God bless America!!!!


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