Yet again, are President foils a plan to pack liberal judges into the judiciary, it was learned today. Trump spoke to a meager press pool, as most of them are liberal fake news, who weren’t invited.

Our President whom briefed the real news himself told the pool, “He has foiled a plot by the democrat party to win the senate, by flooding it with hundreds of liberal judges!”

“They will stop at nothing to ruin our plan to make America great again. I tell you, this was the biggest conspiracy, I’ve heard this year.

My personal Lawyer Rudy, wheres Rudy!? Oh there he is, with a big smile on his face! He made the bust and we are confident that we will get bigly convictions, maybe before the election or maybe when I win the Election. Who knows!?”

The Daily Storm, asked are President, “did he have confidence in the information passed on by his personal Lawyer?”

President Trump said,

“He’s been right about all the stuff about Biden that he’s, been, er I don’t know anything about that! It’s Rudy, good old Rudy!

He’s very, thorough and he didn’t get anything from Russia regarding the erh, Hunter Biden or this new deal you know!?

The crime, I can tell you,  Rudy didn’t even lift up the phone, he was out of the country in Texas or was it Odessa, I can’t tell you but it wasn’t the Ukraine. We are confident, very confident as confidence goes, I would give it a ten on the confidence.

This is a new deal and its very big! I will strongly look at it to see if, we can convict.

A judge walks passed the pool room, “Look there’s a liberal judge right there, see him!? They’re everywhere and some, I assume, are good people, as lawyers go.”

This concise and thorough investigation was orchestrated under the strictest of secrecy. It was so secret the Secret Service and the FBI were refused access to enter into the investigation because, of the sensitive material Mr. Guiliani discovered about a plan to flood the courts, with deep state paid liberal judges in the U.S.A!

It was almost like they could’ve gotten away with it.

Mr. Guiliani told Joe Baron, our on the spot reporter, that the operation the democratic party set up to flood the supreme courts with liberal judges and that more Democrats could falsely nominate Liberal Judges to thwart the Supreme Court’s judgments on the murder of baby fetuses and abortion limits. He told Mr. Baron,

“Well Joe, it worked like a dream! I knew a guy that new a guy who would make a donation to the Republican Party, in exchange for some real deep cover stuff about these liberal judges.

Hey my life was in danger when I got off the plain in Odessa, thats Odessa Texas not Ukraine! You gotta get that right Joe or ‘they’ll’ say it was falsely given to me by the Russian Government as a red herring!

They’re bastards real bastards when it comes to are allies!”

Joe Baron then asked, “So are you saying that Russia did not give you the kompromat against the Dem’s trying to fill the judiciary with liberal Judges, is that what you’re trying to say? How did you come across the damming evidence?”

Rudy Guiliani replied:

“Look! Who’s said anything about the Russians, who are you trying to pin that shit about the Hunter Biden emails on!? Huh? You’re trying to twist my words and thats exactly what the Dems are doing with the hunter Biden story!

Don’t let them fool you. I’m totally impervious to Russian influence, ask all my Russian friends! Kysliac and Sauter will tell you, I’m a real live wire at their parties and they know I like a drink, they know the truth when they see it.

And so do I, ok ! OK!!?”

The exact plan that was laid down by Rudy Guiliani, for the Liberal Judges, was not explained to Joe Baron and there was a fight in the hallway after that interview.

However, Rudy only came away with a split lip and a blackened eye. The stress must be unbearable for our President’s personal lawyer.

Keep it up, Rudy!! I hope it’s true!!!


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