It’s no secret that Donald Trump, #45, loves the police and holds them in high regard. Trump is a big fan of all first responders, but none more than police officers. Donald Trump spoke about early aspirations to be a police officer, but his family business came calling louder. That did nothing to diminish his love for law enforcement.

Donald Trump has been following the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer who is accused in the death of George Floyd. Trump knows he is innocent, and he sprung to action. It’s been a secret, but it’s now in the open. Donald Trump is funding Chauvin’s legal defense. Every penny of it. Trump has called the accusations against Chauvin a witch hunt, much like the Russian witch hunt he himself dealt with from the liberal democrats. He seems a lot of himself in Derek Chauvin.

Much like Chauvin, Donald Trump is a pretend tough guy, with fans acting as if Chauvin was some kind of super cop, just like they pretend Trump was a super president.  Little do the democrats know, Trump likes to bet big on people. Usually the worst people. So he is paying Derek Chauvin’s lawyers. Well, maybe, Trump doesn’t really pay anyone, so there’s sure to be a lawsuit here somewhere.

Presidential historian Joseph Barron says there’s no precedent for this, usually leaders stay out of murder trials, but this is different. Trump being a racist helps Chauvin, so the Minneapolis cop will be benefiting from Donald Trump’s own prejudice. It’s a win win for Trump, as it shows his pretend love for law enforcement and it’s a plus because Chauvin apparently hates the same kind of people Trump does.

It’s no surprise that Chauvin backers are the same mindless lunatics that supported Donald Trump. All of the evidence is there, yet they gloss over it and scream “media bias” and fold their hands over their extended bellies and straighten out their dirty MAGA hats. They’re not going to put up with any kind of common sense or decency. God bless America.


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