It was an amazing sight to behold.  Although it was hopefully named the “Million MAGA March” and boasted only a fraction of that sized crowd, patriotic citizens took to the streets this weekend to protest what Donald Trump increasingly trying to convince the country, was a rugged election.

Ted Cruz is certain his vote was thrown out because most people think he’s a water-damaged Mark Levin cardboard sex doll.

Trump’s own chosen head of the Department of Homeland Security has already taken issue.  So has his own hand-picked group investigating fraud allegations, finding that : “The 2020 election was the most secure in history.”

Space bartender and host of popular program “The View”, Whoopi Goldberg, called the marchers: “America’s lowest trash” live the morning after on the aforementioned show, in a rant to Democratic senator Sandy Batt of Queeferville, Oregon.

“That’s a long line of trash for garbage day, wouldn’t you say, Sandy?” commented the woman who previously made money by convincing a talking horse to help human beings.  “The problem is that even though Joe Biden obviously won and Trump is a childish shitbag who is clinging to power for his own greed, these trash people will still exist.  Well, some of them.  Most of the idiots wobbling around out there are too dumb to wear masks or use soap and will likely end up snotted to death from the Trump plague.  That’s what you get, I guess.”

The singing movie nun has been critical of President Trump from the onset, possibly because she’s black, but more likely because, like any random ball of dryer lint, she’s smarter than he is.

Experts agree that the only thing more worthless than Donald Trump is the filter on Keith Richard’s cigarette.

The irony to all of this, in an Alanis Morrisettian way, is that Goldberg’s statements and insults go unpunished on television when, had they been made on social media, she’d have been censored.

Then again, Facebook and Twitter do love liberals, so maybe calling a group of overweight mentally handicapped elders “trash” would be just peachy keen.


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