For ten years, we’ve been glued to the drama of New York Police commissioner Frank Reagan, his family, and his sometimes well-worn crew as they did their best to mete out justice on television.  Now, thanks to a write-in campaign coupled with a boycott of sponsors by left wing activists, CBS’s “Blue Bloods” is about to take it’s final curtain call.

Devastated fan Sheriff Joe Arpaio vows to strangle a kitten in defiance every day.

Star and showrunner Tom Selleck told Joe Barron of Queefavision Today magazine that the uprising against the show had effectively “defunded” the fictional precinct, leaving him solely with the job of recording commercials for privately-operated insurance companies seeking to take old people’s money under the guise of “strengthening medicare”, which it might do if it had any accountability whatsoever.  CBS head of sponsorship Doug Intotits says the reasons were made clear by the protest groups.

“There was a lot of concern about the violence on the show and the portrayal of characters related to the Reagan family in a far too positive light, given the former President’s nefarious tenure.  A lot of people felt that we just glorified the law enforcement community without showing the sordid underbelly that so often makes news in the real world.  Also, the microwave in Selleck’s trailer broke, and the son of a bitch wants some super expensive Amana model with a fancy popcorn button to replace it.  It can pop the corn in time to music, or some shit.   I don’t have the budget.  Hey, ten years is a good run for a show.  Ask Cop Rock.”

The program, which was scheduled to air for at least three more seasons will end with the current run, although writers and producers have turned in a final double-length finale in which we will get to say our last goodbyes to the characters of Frank and his gallant veteran son, who will be killed during a bank robbery.  Spoiler alert.

Kiss vocalist Gene Simmons will reprise his role as Selleck’s foe from “Runaway” and slay him with a robot spider.

Does the cancellation of Blue Bloods boil yours?  Too bad.  Now you know how I felt about Firefly.  And Nowhere Man.  And Dollhouse.  Quantum Leap.  Max Headroom.  VH1’s Bands Reunited.  The Young Ones.  Torchwood.   So suck it.


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