Donald Trump’s town hall on NBC was an amazing success. Not only did NBC fail to present the President in a bad light, but their attempt at smearing Trump did the opposite.

After the townhall, thousands of democrats, hundreds of thousands left the Democratic Party.

Not only did it shatter NBC records, beating Biden’s town hall by a huge margin, but the donations rolled in all night. Democrats from all over the country saw what MAGA was all about, and they want in.

Biden couldn’t interrupt Trump’s flow. He was in the zone and hit it out of the park. Not even that extreme liberal woman, Samantha Guthrie could stop him.

Is Trump the greatest orator in history? And for you Trump supporters, that means a public speaker, especially one who is eloquent or skilled, which Trump is not.

Once again, he ranted and raved like a lunatic, lying all the way through, promoting insane conspiracy theories, making him and you, the Trump faithful, the butt of memes and jokes.

We spoke to three people who were undecided before the election. Joe Barron, who was on the fence, said if the election were held today, he’d vote for Biden.  Sandy Batt, a lifelong Republican, was throwing her MAGA hat in the garbage and saying she’s been embarrassed enough.

And Clint Herzog, a Wisconsin voter, pointed and laughed at the trump faithful screaming “moron” at them over and over again.  They were most certainly walking away, right to vote for Biden.

It would almost seem if trump was campaigning for Biden, but that would be ridiculous. Trump was doing his best, sending dog whistles to the base that he’ll never leave them, even as they’re wondering how much more of the mental gymnastics they can do to keep up the charade.

I guess some people cheer on a train wreck. God Bless America, and God Bless Donald Trump!!!!


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