Texas senator, Ted Cruz, is one of President Trump‘s favorites. He is smart, witty, driven, and completely without pride. All are the qualities that Trump appreciates in those closest to him and that is why he sees Cruz as his favorite pet.

Senator Cruz, however, is not terribly popular with the opposing Democrats in Congress. They say that he is a pathetic coward and a sniveling suckass who they cannot respect.

There are already insults not worthy of a Member of Congress, but it looks like those few insults, which are actually apt descriptions, are not enough to satisfy the bullies of the Democrat Party.

Beto O’Rourke, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, and several other prominent Democrats are now insinuating that Cruz does not belong in DC at all and that he did not earn his place in our government.

A new hashtag has been trending on Twitter and it’s one that insults Cruz’s lifetime of hard work and dedication. Democrats are suggesting that the senator did not gain his position in government based on merit, but that he was chosen because of his Hispanic roots as a “minority hire” – a beneficiary of affirmative action.

They are saying he was only nominated by the GOP for his ethnicity and that the people of Texas only voted for him for that same reason.

Texas Republican Party chair, Joe Barron, says that the accusation is ridiculous.

“It wasn’t just that. He also had a wife at Goldman-Sachs and they can be very generous with their contributions.”

Senators are not called pets by presidents every day. That is a title that is earned. The Democrats are wrong and are clearly the racist ones.

Ted Cruz is more than just an ethnic name. He is potatriot through and through — there is no denying that. Ever.


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