A 1st-Grade teacher from a so-called “progressive” state is out of a job after refusing to provide chicken feed for a girl in her class at break time. According to the Fauxsburg, California’s public website, Sandy Batt, 84, was fired for “refusing to evolve to current societal standards.”

“They think it was because I’m old,” said Batt, “but they’re wrong. Chicken feed isn’t fit for human consumption. I know because I have chickens older than this girl’s mother. They wanted me to toss it all over the floor so she could peck at it and ‘free range’ during recess.”

Batt’s attorney says there’s not much she can do under current California law, which states that teachers must do whatever parents tell them to do while they’re at school.

“It’s ridiculous,” said former Superintendant Joe Barron, “I quit when they decided packing school boards with morons who think they know better than teachers became a thing. What’s next? Will they start going through and removing books from the libraries? When does the woke crap end?”

The girl in question, who travels with her “sisters,” a pair of emotional support hens that are already quite a task to look after. “Have you ever cleaned chicken poop from a classroom floor? Neither have I, because that would be stupid.”

She’s not about to start now. Good for you, Mrs. Batt, and God Bless America.

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