Country legends and patriots Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers have teamed up to release a song hoping to drum up last-minute support for Donald Trump just before the election.

It was the first collaboration between the two Nashville stars since 1983’s ‘Islands in the Stream’.

For Parton (41-25-38), this comes as no surprise. She has been a long time Trump advocate, pushing him to run for President as early as 1992. While she has been constantly performing throughout her career, the current pandemic has caused her to take a bit of a pause.

But she is using the lighter schedule to focus on what’s important.

“I do miss playing to sold-out arenas, but the silver lining during this downtime is that it allows me to focus my efforts on getting my good friend Donald Trump re-elected.”

She has tirelessly performed at Trump rallies and town halls over the past few months. Throwing her considerable clout behind Trump’s campaign has definitely been reflected in the polls.

As for Rogers (1938-2020), he was more than willing to come out of retirement for the collaboration.

“I’ve been laying low the past few years, really trying to focus on my ‘Kenny Rogers Roaster’ fried chicken franchises, but when Dolly called me to do this, I knew it was important. Our country is at a pivotal point, and this was a call to action to save America.”

The song entitled “We’re Going to be Alright” was co-produced by music legends Rick Rubin and Trent Reznor. It is truly a labor of love between two good friends in support of the country and President they adore. With any luck, their music won’t stop with this one song.

Rumors around Nashville are that a full-length album may be in the works.

The song and video can be viewed here: We’re Going to be Alright


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