The new “Borat” sequel is out, and its release comes with a flood of controversy surrounding President Trump’s personal friend and attorney Rudy Guliani.

The hubub stems from a scene where the unfortunately-featured former mayor appears to happily prepare to give in to sexual temptation with a girl he’s led to believe is fifteen years old.

“I didn’t see anything. Yeah, I was in the room, so what? I have astigmatism.”

First evidenced in promotional stills released to media sources and now available in video form streaming giant Amazon, the scene does seem to portray Guliani in a sexually perverted frenzy, which Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opined during a public speech, requires an arrest warrant to be issued for the batlike senior with the filing of charges to follow.

“He’s a twisted old prick, that part we already knew, just from his ballbagging of Trump and marriage to his cousin,” the popular Congresswoman stated.  “This incident was a joke for a comedic-reality movie, yes, but how many times has something similar happened before that was not?  Or WILL happen?

Behavior of this kind shouldn’t be ignored in Washington, especially from a man with constant access to America’s commander in chief.  It’s a symptom of the attitudes of these backwards Republican fossils who see women of any age as nothing more than sex objects and themselves as having power over them by God or something.  It need a to end, and that ending starts with Rudy.”

Not THAT Rudy. His punishment was having to be a super boring Hobbit.

Congressional sex-crime prosecutor Sandra Batt called the Guliani scenes “sickening” and has alerted Capitol police investigators to look into the private goings-on of the President’s pet moron, who also used the film to expose his belief that the Coronavirus was deliberately spread.

Has Cortez gone overboard in her assessment of what many conservative defenders are calling “fake news?”

As a reminder, these are the same D-students who buy the tale of Hunter Biden, a millionaire, taking his $200 laptop in for repairs instead of buying a new one, and somehow traveling 3000 miles to do it while high on cocaine.


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