It’s well agreed upon that the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a true American hero.

Dedicating her life and work to equality and respect for the rights of women and minorities and probably the most perfect example of true governance of justice the United States has ever seen, it’s only right that her name be given the recognition it deserves to live forever.

“Who waaannnts to liiivvve…forevahhhhhh!”

Through the will of the American people, Congress has decided to rename the Ronald Reagan International airport in Arlington, Virginia after the heroic justice in a gala celebration.

Guests for the event include former Supreme Court Justice Steve Guiliotis, as well as beloved former President Barack Obama and superstar Beyonce.

Although many conservative Republicans have cried foul at the perceived disservice they feel is being done to the former Alzheimer’s-laced leader, sharper voices like Harvard professor Joe Barron support the endeavor.

“Reagan was the swiss-cheese mind behind Reaganomics, the ‘trickle-down’ voodoo economic system that even today, causes the economy to collapse as Republicans keep trying it over and over.

And Trump being the stupidest of the lot just doubles down on it, to no one’s surprise.  He and old Ronnie actually do have a lot in common.  Mental illness, incompetence, and the sorry fact that right this minute, they’re both equally satisfying to their wives.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg did far more for history than either of those two embarrassments will ever have done.  It’s the least we can do.”

“Actually, the least y’all could do is give a man a doily for his perspiration. I’m positively moist from the vapahs!”

The controversial renaming is scheduled to take place sometime early next year after Donald Trump is long gone and hopefully either mopping the floors in a house full of glory holes in Alabama or safely incarcerated in a federal prison with assless chaps.

It’s finally time to give recognition to a real Great Communicator.  Not a washed-up actor who governed with astrology and called his wife “mommy.”


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