LeBron James is the one crying now after his lawyers advised him to settle out of court with Kyle Rittenhouse. James, who called the young man a murderer after he was found innocent of all charges, will now pay the acquitted self-defense expert $6 million upfront and another $4 million per year for 22 years, for a grand total of nearly $200 million.

Rittenhouse, who earned a high school diploma while he was waiting to be found guilty by reasonable people, was instead handed his freedom, and he had no idea how to react. So he took to Twitter to build his loyal base of fans, none of whom call him a “murderer” or try to remind him that he was handed a free second chance at life and that trying to cash in on taking the same from others isn’t ever going to work out.

At some point, Rittenhouse will likely find himself living in the real world, where Tweeting nonsense and bible verses and pretending the blonde plastic chick is actually attractive won’t go far, and then, just maybe, he’ll wake up.

Until then, it seems the kid everyone loves to hate will continue making a fool of himself on social media, and we’ll keep awarding him millions and millions of fictional dollars for it.

God bless America.


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