For some time, it’s been an “on the back burner” goal for Democrats to achieve a system to enable “reparation payments” to those Americans who had descendants or family impacted by our shameful past of slavery.  Kamala Harris, the country’s new incoming Vice President has now revived the issue for her administration’s first year.

Also revived – Roger Ailes’s crotch for a birthday party at an archery range.

It’s no secret that the party in large part, owes its latest several victories to the African-American voters, with their rivals, the Republicans, constantly painting themselves as inherently racist, especially with their ball-massaging support of former white nationalist President Donald Trump.

Harris sat down with Joe Barron of Carin’ With Barron on YouTube’s premium Brown Channel to explain her thinking and how exactly you’re going to pay for it out of your sweet, precious taxes.

“It’s plainly obvious that race discrimination and hate in America still hasn’t gone away.  In fact, thanks to a Klan Goblin like Donald Trump, it’s gotten worse.  It’s time those red-capped old scumbags are made to pay, and the best way is through reparations.  What we’re planning is a blanket tax on vehicle ownership, probably around a hundred dollars a year or so.  That should raise enough over twenty years to provide families of those unjustly abused to feel some respect and comfort.  We’ll start with the top 2% first.  They won’t even notice it.  This is the way, Grogu.”

Harris ended the interview with a little dance replete with twerking and Black Panther hand gestures.  Incoming Secretary of the Treasury, George Soros, a Biden pick, is expected to fully comply with the plan.

Pictured – The incoming Secretary of Body Counting in the House.

Is a wad of taxpayer money really an adequate apology for the years of racial injustice and brutality that the average American is guilty of?  Some say yes.  Some still, like Kamala Harris, think it’s just aaight for a start.


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