Liberal Democrats in the senate and house are finally admitting to what most people have known all along: the policies they want to enact will have massive and lasting effects on the economy as we know it.

Certain elected officials have been trying to hide what the ramifications of raising the minimum wage and canceling school debt would do to our nation, but the truth can no longer be hidden.

Math is a sore subject with these people. Math is like kryptonite, it is their weakness. Admitting that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour for low-skilled workers would have profound and lasting effects on the economy, the employer, and even the employees.

Now the facts are being revealed and places like Seattle Washington are showing these “elected officials” what’s to come for America if these socialist policies are enacted nationwide.

“Imagine this,” says Joseph Barron, who’s in the office of Budget Management, “if you give these people $15 an hour, people will have more money to spend and pump it right back into our economy, making companies even more money.  People’s disposable income will go up and everyone will do better.”

This simply cannot happen because if they’re not poor and stupid, they won’t vote for Republicans anymore that tell them being poor and stupid is as American as Apple pie or Mr. Potato Head’s nonexistent Dong.

Senate Republicans worry that if you start treating lowly burger flippers, car washers, maids or anyone else that conservatives think is below them (although most of these conservatives work jobs that pay under the minimum wage, as a matter of fact, 41 percent of America makes under $15 an hour) then these “unskilled” workers will start acting as if they’re contributing and expect to be treated as human beings.

Imagine the horror of acting as if the person taking your order could be equal to you!!!

This madness needs to stop. If Americans figured out how bad they’re being screwed by the upper 1 percent, they’d probably start voting those people out of office.

Being the only industrialized nation in the free world without basic healthcare for all that doesn’t break you if you get sick, an actual social safety net (we call that prison in America), and a government that’s actually for the people and by the people instead of by the few and for the corporations, it’s pretty embarrassing.

Free? Yeah. We’re free to die in poverty. 

God bless America.


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