The case of a pregnant 10-year old child in Indiana has been closely watched from sea to sea here in the United States.  With the advent of the Supreme Court putting the kibosh on Roe vs Wade, the circumstances, even at that tender age, have reignited debate on the matter.

Now, however, the man responsible for the situation has spoken up from his prison cell at the State Penitentiary of Ohio.  Identified as one Steven Ashbaucher of Lamplighter Vistas, he’s broken his silence and, incredibly, stood up for the unborn life he planted.

Ashbaucher has also impregnated two watermelons, an empty light bulb, and two of the former Beatles.

Journalist Sandra Batt captured his statement live from the beatings room of the prison.

“Y’all don’t understand that me and (name redacted) is in love, okay?  And that baby what I made is going to live and be born and be eventually set into the system to be someone else’s problem.  I ain’t having no ‘bortion and neither is she.  Her body, my choice.”

The girl, who is currently on sabbatical from school studies and play dates will be transported across state lines to Nevada, where she hopes to get the thing out of her body.

Parents of the girl made no statements beyond “I think she thinks it’s legos”.  Both of the parents have been chased down by angry mobs and curb-stomped several times to date.


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