The International Olympic Committee issued a moratorium on Megan Rapinoe, making her the third ever athlete banned from the games. Rapinoe, who won gold with the US soccer team, also made a mockery of the games, her team, and her country with her “activism.”

According to committee records, other Olympians sent complaints about the American superstar the moment she landed in Sydney. It took her less than five minutes to demand to use a men’s restroom and then accuse some kid with a Make America Great Again hat of staring at her while she peed standing up at a urinal.

She then walked casually through the Olympic village, grabbing and kissing as many women as she could get her hands on. She was nearly charged with assault twice. Then came the ceremonies. Rapinoe spent the entirety of the opening night’s festivities in a pentagram made of field chalk in the center of the stadium. Cameras from 73 countries went out of their way to make sure her Satanism wasn’t ever seen by the public.

By the time the games were over, Rapinoe had become the most despised woman ever to play the games. Now, she won’t be able to anymore. In a statement, she said she “couldn’t care less” about the Olympics. “I’ll just buy tickets for me and all of my obnoxious gay friends and we’ll ruin it from the stands.”

That’s how these Leftists are, patriots. It’s shameful.


  1. John

    How can anyone, watching this and other antics not question the rationality of the actors?

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