A former National Security Advisor to Barack Obama testified before the Congressional January 6th Committee that Trump had “nothing to do” with the insurrection.

Under oath and before God, Leon Harold Gallagander, advisor from 2009 to 2012, said he was there, and he saw the truth:

“Trump had nothing to do with it. He wasn’t even there. He told them to walk down there peacefully and to get on their knees and pray. He can’t be blamed for what Antifa did.”

As everyone knows, Antifa took the lead and busted windows, enticing Trump supporters to come inside and do some sightseeing, which they did. Ince inside, Trump supporters took a casual walk around and then left without incident while Democrats finished the job and killed Ashli Babbit.

We have no idea how that makes sense, but it just does.

Gallkagander says he was a prominent advisor, though nobody can find him on official White House rosters. According to White House HR director Art Tubolls, he was never actually an advisor but more of an advice-giver:

“I remember that guy. He throw a napkin over the fence towards the West Wing every morning with “Security briefing” written on it and some tidbits of stuff he read in The National Enquirer. I’m pretty sure Trump hired him and gave him a security clearance, but no, he never worked for Obama.”

We all know that’s not true, patriots. If the internet says something, well…that’s just how it goes.

God bless America.


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