In a blistering report on Thursday, Attorney General William Barr accused former President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of accepting bribes from Ukraine to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

It has long been known that the Obama administration was actively engaged in spying on the Trump campaign. What hasn’t been known, until now, is the exact motive.

Certainly, it is also known that the Obama administration was doing everything in its power to defeat President Trump, but was there an ulterior motive?

Well, thanks to AG Barr we now know that ulterior motive.

According to DOJ spokesperson Joe Barron, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were allegedly paid millions in bribes by the Ukrainian government, which was fearful that a Trump win would solidify Russian president Vladimir Putin’s stranglehold over the Crimean Peninsula:

“The Ukrainians were clearly scared to death of a Trump win. They were willing to do anything to prevent that from happening, because they knew exactly that Putin would be able to convince President Trump that the invasion of the Crimean Peninsula was legitimate.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was also fully aware, based on past corrupt actions of the Obama administration such as the Uranium One scandal, that it was available for sale.

So, a deal was made in which Obama and Clinton would instruct the State Department and the DOJ under Eric Holder to spy on President Trump’s campaign in exchange for millions of dollars in bribes, which were channeled through the Clinton Foundation.

Specifically, the Clinton Foundation was paid the sum of 180 million Holubtsi’s (the official Ukrainian currency), which amounts to about 36 million U.S. dollars.

While some of that money was used to pay for the now debunked Steele Dossier (Christopher Steele himself has not gone hungry since), most of it was channeled into Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s personal bank accounts via the Clinton Foundation, although some of that money did go to charities such as Feed the Children.”

Mr. Barron went on to say that he expects indictments to be forthcoming, with a possibility of decades in jail for both defendants.

Is this finally the long-awaited comeuppance for Obama and Clinton? Our guess is as good as yours.


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