Marjorie Taylor Greene is not only a staunch conservative and an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, but she also has the good sense to know how to protect her constituents from liberals who move to states like Georgia and try to implement liberal ideologies.

She has seen what happens when liberals run from democratic run states into red states to get away from socialism, only to vote for socialists in their new homes.

The idea of a “cooling off” period isn’t a new idea, but it’s MTG who’s putting it to the front of the line. After the 2020 election debacle, in which liberals moved to red states to move the needle and tip the elections in their favor, Marjorie Taylor Greene has seen, and has had, just about enough. 

She understands there are two Americas. One America where God fearing conservatives are trying to make America great again, and one where godless liberals are trying to make a socialist utopia.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has also floated the idea of divorcing red states from blue states. An idea that many conservatives have embraced. They want the America that reads the Bible, the America that respects police, the America that supports Donald Trump and making America great again.

They want the America that was founded on Christian principles and that got ahead by pulling up their bootstraps. How dare liberals come to conservative areas and try to destroy them?

We spoke to United States historian Joseph Barron about Marjorie Taylor Greene’s legislation. According to Barron, he believes that she’s only slightly misguided here. “How this idiot was elected to anything is beyond me” he said. “Apparently she’s never cracked open a history book, or any kind of book.”  Barron went on to say red states would sink without the handouts they have gotten from blue states. “Red states take in a lot more than they pay out, without the blue states, red America would starve and crumble, not to mention, has this brainless moron ever heard of the constitution and voting rights? What an idiot!”

Of course Marjorie Taylor Greene’s idea will go nowhere but it’s throwing red meat at the complete morons that inhabit red America. Boot licking, Trump worshipping MAGA nuts will believe that this is a great idea, totally going against everything that they pretend to believe in.

Conservatives who hate the idea of communism but love the idea of a Berlin Wall for America. Conservatives who know only what the second amendment is in the entire constitution but only slightly. And people wonder why that red America is the laughing stock of the world.  God bless America.


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