Kyle Rittenhouse, the hero teen who was just acquitted by a jury of his peers, has entered into an agreement with a movie production company to tell his story. FoxFaith, a division of Fox News Corp, has started pre-production on the film, which they say will be released sometime in 2022, more than likely near Thanksgiving. It will feature an all star cast of Christian conservative actors and actresses.

Kyle Rittenhouse is excited to help start work on the film, especially as he will be in the starring role as himself. FoxFaith decided to have him play himself, because they want it to be pure and filled with the emotions that Kyle, and the rest of the nation felt watching him during his trial. The trial will be the climax of the film, but it will also focus on his life and the life of his mother, Wendy.

When FoxFaith saw the reactions of Christians nationwide to the not guilty verdict, they knew they had to tackle this project. Head writer for FoxFaith, Joseph Barron, was excited to take the job. “What an honor and a privilege it is to work on this film with Kyle” he exclaimed. “I mean a real life superhero, you don’t come across those everyday!”  He knows that he will do Kyle well, and is proud to have been chosen.

Kyle’s mother Wendy will be featured prominently. There are several that have auditioned for the role of Kyle’s mom. Jabba the Hut, Pizza the Hut, the Blob and Tammy from 1000 Lb Sisters have all expressed interest in the role, and they all have the same look, so that will help in the realism department when telling the story. It’s going to be a beautiful story!

The story of Kyle Rittenhouse deserves to be told, it deserves to be featured in a motion picture. Especially with a company like FoxFaith. Imagine featuring a teenaged murderer as a hero and telling that from a religious point of view. It’s yet another thing that is in the Bible that the Christian Right has completely decided to pretend doesn’t exist and they’re just fine with that. God bless Kyle Rittenhouse and God Bless America!!!


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