The Los Angeles Dodgers are the laughingstock of Major League Baseball. After a pitiful showing for “Pride Night,” featuring a ceremony honoring drag queens, more than half of the stadium’s season ticket holders bailed out.

“I canceled the rest of the year after I saw they went through with it,” said local resident Joe Barron, who has had season tickets for more than three decades, “I caouldn’t believe they done it.”

Barron wasn’t alone. Now-former fans lined up at the box office the minute they began their Satanic “ceremony” to process refunds. Team Spokesman Art Tubools said they expect the attendance this season to be abysmal.

“These folks aren’t kidding,” he said, “they will enforce boycotts and they will be victorious. Just ask Bud Light.”

He’s right, patriots. A conservative boycott is the kiss of death for any business. Anheuser Busch, Target, Disney, NASCAR, Ford, and now even Garth Brooks are all basically broke and out of business, hoping and praying that the people will come back.

ALLOD Correspondent Skip Tetheludah caught up with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and asked her to dinner. She said “no.”

It’s almost as if conservatives are always winning and yet still very, very persecuted; especially the Christians. Hopefully, this madness will end when we remove the swamp from the swamp. Or whatever. God bless America.


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