Although many consider it another step in the commercialization of the holiday, the Macy’s Christmas window display in New York City has nevertheless become something of a tradition.

Revelers travel from near and far to take pictures in front of the intricately-constructed and decorated display every year.

Also popular is New Jersey’s “Hampton the Holiday Horse” who regularly shits the image of the Mother Mary.

This year’s showcase, however, is sure to cause a little controversy with its nakedly political bent.  According to Macy’s public relations manager Joe Barron, the decision to portray “Christmas in the Cages” this year was one meant to convey the holiday’s overwhelming sense of Christian compassion.

It is intended as a treatise on the hypocrisy of religious people supporting a clearly anti-religious President Trump.

“The scene shows the consequences of the so-called ‘Zero Tolerance’ legislation enacted by Trump and Jeff Sessions in April of 2018.  Sure, there’s truth that Obama’s administration first built holding cells for families.

However, the operative word is ‘temporary’ to understand the difference.  Obama separated families until their paperwork could be completed and then reunited them within 72 hours.  Trump’s policy literally killed children.  In cells.  Many are still there, even after the administration was ordered to release them by a federal judge.

The only explanation is that Trump couldn’t care less about kidnapping and murdering brown children.  That’s the message we intend to portray.  A Christmas of cruelty and Christian hypocrisy.  Happy holidays, trumpers.  Keep inventing excuses.”

In response to the news, the hyper-conservative Heratage Foundation released a response written in crayon on a piece of construction paper reading only “Aborshun!”

It’s a common tactic for conservatives to excuse any and all torture and human misery by self-righteously complaining about a legal medical procedure.  That’s why the country at large can’t take them seriously.

It’s funny how anyone could choose to disbelieve this beautiful Charles Manson Pez Dispenser face.

The window display this year is scheduled to be completed for viewing by the day after Thanksgiving to catch the eye of black Friday shoppers.

Macy’s will also donate 10% of their retail sales this year to a legal fund to sue the administration for mistreating the imprisoned kids.


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