The world’s largest fast food retailer, Mcdonald’s Incorporated, decided to abandon “Pride Month” and remove the decorations from its stores.

“Like most businesses, we felt it was good marketing,” said CEO Joe Barron, “but it turned out to be extremely costly.”

One report suggests that US businesses have lost as much as 40 percent of their revenue since the Pride Month boycotts began. Another says that nearly 2/3rds of Americans have joined the boycott.

Mcdonald’s was suffering the effects as well, which is what led to the decision to abandon the whole thing. “We’re looking at losses in the tens of millions.”

The power of the boycott is real, patriots. These companies are all learning that pandering to one political ideology will cost them big. Unless it’s the correct political ideology, of course, in which case we can resume eating there.

The studies are real. When you apply certain standards to the label “American,” you can watch the numbers fall into place. People who will write Trump’s name in even if he’s in prison, for example, are a good example of “Americans.” When you weed out the people with Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Woke Mind Virus, suddenly you see why the movement is so effective. None of those people have jobs.

This is great news for those of us who require massive amounts of sodium and cholesterol to maintain our dad bods. God Bless America.



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