It seems like anyone involved with the Obamas is destined to lead a charmed life.  The core of the family, after all, consists of the power couple of Barack Obama, one of the most beloved American leaders in history, and his best-selling author and activist wife, a devastating combination in the world of fame and fortune.

Like other power couples in the Hollywood elite.

Now Michelle Obama’s mother, Mariane Robinson, who famously spent time in the White House has a new claim to fame – her very own daytime variety talk show on the NBC network, beginning in early 2021.  The program is tentatively titled : “Deep State Grandma” and will air on weekdays from 11a.m. until noon.

Sandy Batt, programming czar of NBC says the elder stateswoman has a natural talent and charisma, and described some aspects of the entertainment to come.

“It’s going to be a fabulous show.  It will start off with a monologue touching on the news of the day with Marian’s unique brand of critique.  There will be various skits, mostly oriented to poke fun at members of the Republican party and push liberal points of view.  Indoctrination, in other words.

We’re not going to be shy about it.  This is an anti-stupid teabagger show.  We’re actually planning on having the couch shaped like a bloated fat-assed Donald Trump and a lamp made to look like Mike Pence with a tiny tic-tac sized plastic penis.

Dozens of guests are already lined up including Micheal Moore, Bernie Sanders, and of course, the real first family themselves, Barack and Michelle.  It’s sure to be a big success.”

“Oh, excuse me, ah thought y’all said ‘big man in a dress.'”

Sounding quite a bit like it’s modeled after hit morning gabfest The View, network executives are confident that America’s royal babysitter will lay a success directly into their laps.

That sure sounds a lot better than the massive amount of venerial crabs that the Soviet Union’s prostitutes have laid in President Trump’s.


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