Emanuel Macron, the leftist liberal who just weeks ago said France’s citizens shouldn’t be able to defend themselves, has admitted to using “American Democrat” election strategies. Macron and Joe Biden are pals. Some are speculating that Biden may have lent him the means to steal the election.

According to an independent investigator in France, Art Tubolls, Macron’s win came well after the voting closed, mostly by mail-in ballot. France, until this election, has never used a mail-in ballot. Macron beat the runner-up, conservative Marsha Le Pen, by about the same margin that Biden supposedly beat Trump, which might be an indication that the Democrats tapped into their secret illegal voter base. They had no problem coming up with an extra 8 million or so for Sleepy Joe.

The French Authorities are now under Macron’s control for a new 7-year term, and there will be no official investigation. Somehow, he’s just going to get away with it. A spokesperson for the federal election commission said that France’s elections are 100 percent secure. The government issues everyone an ID for free, they hold the polling on Sunday so everyone gets to vote, and the citizenry is automatically registered when eligible.

That sounds a bit tyrannical to me, patriots. And if that’s the case, why so many mail-in ballots? It doesn’t make sense. The spokesman says there were no mail-in ballots and that we’re just making shit up. We hope that’s not the case. God bless America. Thoughts and prayers for France.


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