Macon, Georgia’s Mayor Joe Barron is speaking out against Sunny Hostin and the other hosts of The View for the derogatory statements being perpetrated against his town.

“Hostin has never even been here,” said Mayor Barron, “she has a lot of nerve calling us racists.” Macon has a diverse population that is far more than half minority. It’s 156K people certainly don’t feel inclined to call it that.

Rather than apologize, Hostin doubled down, saying, “Let me clarify: it’s the white people in Macon who tend to be racist.” She offered no explanation or scientific reasoning for her statement.

According to Mayor Barron, his town and its people couldn’t care less what some Holywood elitist who hasn’t left her cushy life to visit the real America in recent history has to say.

Whoopi Goldberg took the issue even further, making sure everyone knows exactly where The View stands. “The inner city of Macon is a city like any other, with a diverse population and different culture from the suburbs and rural areas outside of town. And the further away you get, the more abundant the Trump flags until you’re 22 miles outside a major city and yet suddenly in a scene out of deliverance.”

Goldberg went on to note that a lot of places are like that, with the main difference being that sanity tends to spread to the suburbs in blue states but doubles quickly 22 miles outside of that.

“It’s all about science,” said Barron, “In Macon, we learn things the real way. Through fiction. God Bless America.”


  1. John

    I’m a little confused because the Mayor of Macon is Lester Miller. No record of Joe Barron that I can find anywhere.

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