Democrats have been trying for years now to destroy the reputation of Donald J. Trump. They tried through negative press, rumor spreading, the fake impeachment, and suggestions of criminal activity. They have been relentless.

The latest attempt to smear him was through a lawsuit suggesting that he had improperly profited while in the oval office. The claim was baseless and everybody knew it.

Recently, it was heard by the Supreme Court who unanimously rejected the lawsuit as baseless and told the plaintiffs to drop it and move on.

At the conclusion of the supreme court ruling, Justice Kavanaugh thought it appropriate to issue a warning to those who seek to further defame the former president. He did not mince words.

“You are attempting to destroy the good name of a good man. This court will not tolerate that for a man who held office to serve the country.”

Kavanagh was visibly agitated by having to hear the lawsuit proposal. He was often seen to be sneering and rolling his eyes as the supposed evidence was presented before him.

It would seem that Kavanaugh is as tired of all this crap from the Democrat left as the rest of us are. It was also made clear that because he’d had enough, he was not going to take it anymore, willing to do everything in his power to bring the persecution to an end.

“President Trump, over the past five years, has been viciously pursued by his political opposition, and the reasons for this were, and continue to be, entirely political.

From what I have seen, pending charges and litigation have no foundation in fact. They are nothing more than partisan bullshit and they serve no purpose but to waste the time of this and every other court in the land.

I say enough.

To the Democrat party, your pending impeachment has been reviewed and we are appalled that it is going forward. There is no legal basis for it. Had it been presented before any court, it would have been soundly rejected.

Your impeachment is illegal. Stop it now or we will stop it for you.”

This is astounding and welcome news from America’s top court. The entire country, Democrat and Republican alike, are tired of these political theatrics and just want to move forward.

Thank you Justice Kavanagh for doing your part to bring it to an end.


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