Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the Obama administration netted some interesting results. A direct link between the Obamas and Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious human trafficker and abuser of young girls.

The link was so obvious that Durham himself almost missed it, noting in his latest report that “the link between Epstein and the White House was so obvious I almost missed it.” He says nothing will unsee what he has now seen:

“I saw the evidence that links the Obamas to the Epstein case. It ended up being really, very obvious. It was so blatantly obvious that even I. a lifetime, career, and trusted law enforcement officer, nearly missed it.”

Durham has pledged to continue his pursuit of the truth, even if it means becoming Epstein and bringing some young victims to his former island. “I wouldn’t actually harm them,” he said, “but I’d love to see their reaction when I scare the living shit out of them.

Some Democrats have called Durham’s methods “cruel, unusual, and probably illegal.” The Supreme Court declined to take the case, leaving Durham free to get to the truth.

God bless America.


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