President Joe Biden’s very first order to the FBI was to stop looking into his son Hunter’s laptop, allegedly recovered from a repair shop in Delaware. Biden told the Bureau that the investigation was a waste of time and that the whole thing was “hinky.”

“Everyone knows someone who left a laptop with a friend at one time or another and they took a picture of the hard drive and now they’re using it to blackmail you,” Biden said at the time, which sounds extremely convenient.

The FBI says they never bothered investigating the laptop in the first place, because the story the guy told was silly, and the unencrypted “incriminating” evidence was some pictures of the guy in a tub and an email from a man in Ukraine about an original copy of The Butthole Surfers on vinyl.

The blind man who says he thinks he saw Biden says Trump won the election and is therefore being lumped in with lunatics, depriving him of his rights over his own dumb choices. Lawyers for Hunter Biden said that’s un-American.

We’ll keep you updated just as soon as this story makes any sense at all. In the meantime, we have sources looking into why Hillary Clinton would be in the picture Joe Biden approved for our featured image.


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