Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has made her thoughts exceedingly clear about President Trump’s appointment of a second stolen supreme court justice.  With a possible close election looming and the impeached leader slanting the court to his advantage should the decision fall into it’s purvey, Pelosi intends to take a page from his book : simply ignore reality and the rule of constitutional law.

Most pages of Trump’s book are dyed brown from when the President thought Slim Jims were crayons.

The Speaker made a short statement to Joe Barron of The Washington Queefbreeze this last weekend as they sat masked at a small cafe on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf drinking coffee made from organic beaver paws and infused with vodka and liver juice through an unripened dwarf watermelon.  It’s the newest thing.

“The Supreme Court will become meaningless after President Rust Chubber puts his cult members onto it.  Congress makes law, not them.  So we’ll simply ignore their rulings.  That’s all.  Very simple.  If that rape-roaring fratboy Kavanaugh and the new one, Carrie’s wackjob zealot mom decide to overturn Roe vs Wade?  That’s nice.  We will legally stop any abortion providers from being closed down.  Hell, we’ll use Trump’s  own paycheck to fund them.  Obamacare?  It’s going nowhere.  Don’t care what they do.  We will save this country from that greasy old fat failure and his parade of antiques.  Vote blue, people.  Don’t be stupid.”

Pelosi mentioned that Trump had graduated, in her eyes, from stealing money professionally for his entire life to now stealing judges, a harshly-put fact that most normal people would agree with.  Normal people meaning Americans that aren’t wearing red dunce caps, accidentally blowing their own balls off with guns at neo-nazi rallies, or touching themselves thinking about the douchebag with a cameo in “Home Alone 2.”

“Hey kid – wanna buy a hotel? It’s chock full of hookers.”

With the certainty of a politicized Supreme Court for years to come, Pelosi seems to be trying her level best to stop Trump from doing too much damage to the country.  But, as we all know from the lesson of The Stand, sometimes you just have to humor the tubby little mentally ill maniac before he can nuke everyone.


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