Activist and young crusader Greta Thunberg is far from staying out of the political arena.  An ardent campaigner for the fight against global climate change, she’s become an influential force, especially in Europe, for taking steps to save our planet from the ignorance of right-wing science denial.

And now, once again, her sights are set squarely on the United States.

“We, the world, cannot fully trust the importing of food or any other goods from America as long as it’s President, Mr. Trump, continues to ignore the threat of the Coronoirus pandemic.  The United States has now had more deaths due to this deadly threat than any country on Earth, and it’s due to its incompetent and mentally ill leader being unfit and unwilling to act.  I call upon the United Nations to immediately arrest and bring President Trump to trial for the crime of negligence leading to mass infection and manslaughter.”

They should also probably grab Steve Bannon for impersonating several Japanese cartoon villains.

Swedish special envoy to the United Nations, Olaf Joe Barron, agreed with the diminutive do-gooder, and urged member nations to draft an official international arrest warrant for the morbidly obese American leader, calling for his immediate detainment in Oslo.

In addition, several prominent American political figures have agreed with the assessment, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, presidential candidate Joe Biden, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

They were quickly backed up by the further yes-votes of over 60 percent of the citizenry, who just want Trump locked up far away somewhere until he can be thrown out on his fat ass in November.

“I’m having it extra inflated for my own comfort!”

Thunberg stressed that Trump has gone far beyond standing as a deadly threat to the health of the planet, and now puts the entire populace in jeopardy.  “If this idiot man continues to act as if he has been hit in the head with a bowling ball every morning, it is we, the people, who will pay the price.  Lock him up!”


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