Joe Biden has made the attempt to remain purely realistic and factual in his advertisements for the 2020 election.  In contrast, President Trump has pushed the constant broadcast of outright falsehoods in his commercials.  One lie in particular is that Democrats want “open borders” and “amnesty.”

When an intern suggested Trump promise to bring back “Firefly”, Pence printed out these pictures. Just sit there and look pretty, Mike, okay?

Even though the number of politicians from either side of the fence that have proposed this idea numbers exactly zero, the constant lie has predictably riled Trump’s xenophobic base of elderly racists, so his rival has decided to run with it, recording a 60-second spot intended to mirror the historic Ronald Reagan speech before the Berlin wall.  Joe Barron of the Biden campaign’s oatmeal division believes it’s a brilliant move.

“It’s a good shot at appealing to the 4-7 percent of voters who still identify as undecided.  Emulate Reagan.  In reality, Joe Biden has more in common with the former President than Trump does anyway.  The only thing that morbidly obese running embarrassment shares with Ronnie is that they both are about as mentally capable as a paperweight.  It’s a good image though, and Trump’s cartoon wall is a joke we can capitalize on while possibly causing some of his cobweb army’s pacemakers to work a little overtime.  Maybe next we’ll film him dressed in 40’s fatigues doing General MacArthur’s big speech.  Appeal to the military that President Stupid called ‘losers’ and ‘suckers.”

The ad is running on heavy rotation during television programs preferred by Trump’s mainly Boomer-aged old slobs, including Murder, She Wrote, NCIS, and late-night softcore basic cable pornography.

Jerry Mathers has had quite a bit of luck with “Beaver in the House, Baby”, 1-4.

It was Michelle Obama who stated, regarding Democratic party politics, that “When they go low, we go high.”  Since that’s never worked in all of recorded history, it’s nice to see the Biden people finally take steps to make an unqualified joke of an idiot like Donald Trump look like the epic failure he is with a visit from Reagan’s ghost.

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  1. Ronald Reagan

    Hello. I am Ronald Reagan. I didn’t just tear the wall down, I made sure that the bricks in the wall would be used to build a make-a-wish chairty center 😀

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