It’s no surprise that Fox News has long been the darling of the patriotic, law-abiding, Antifa-hating, Trump-loving right wing. But it’s also no surprise that that love affair has come to an abrupt end.

Real Americans are abandoning Fox News by the millions as it becomes apparent that Fox has been in bed with the left-wing this whole time.

And by “whole time,” we mean the time since the tin-foil hat wearing whackadoos have lost what was left of their teeny tiny little minds and followed their leader around the bend and off the rails.

When even Fox News — home of Sean “I Like to Gargle Trump’s Balls” Hannity — isn’t bananapants enough for you, it’s time to take a deep breath and yank your head out of your butt (not necessarily in that order, unless you’re into that sort of thing).

When Geraldo Rivera is the voice of reason, whooo boy, reason has gone out the window. When Chris Matthews is a traitor, it’s time to recalibrate your good-sense-o-meter.

And here’s a rare thing that’s actually true on this page: CNN is beating Fox in the ratings in the post-election days. So is Newsmax. Newsmax! Sweet baby jeebus on a cracker, when Newsmax is winning, sh*t has gone sideways.

How did we get here? How did Fox News become unacceptable? Fox News LIES all the damn time, and now it apparently doesn’t lie enough to stay in the good graces of the drooling Cult 45 members who are cooking up some of the most insane conspiracy theories since the days of black helicopters, JFK’s death, and now JFK Junior’s fake death and his imminent reappearance as Trump’s running mate. Yes, they think that’s a thing.

I’ll shed no tears for Fox as its ratings continue to drop. But I will look on in horror as Fox — often derided as Faux News — isn’t Faux enough for the deranged Trumphumping set. Heaven help us all.


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