If you’ve ever wondered how a bush-league politician like Kamala Harris could propel herself to the second highest seat in the land, look no further. Emails uncovered by Presidential Commission on Elections Administration have revealed a “sex for selection” scandal involving president-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Kamala Harris’ long history of sleeping her way into office is well known. From her bedding of former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown to her many lusty liaisons with California governor Gavin Newsom, Harris has spread her eagle to gain favor in American politics for two decades. It is, however, unprecedented for any political snatch to be so good that it could essentially buy the vice presidency.

According to the emails, Harris first offered herself to Joe Biden himself. Joe, however, being old and fragile, no longer possessing the ability to perform such actions, declined. His dysfunction is what opened the door for Hunter.

“While I greatly appreciate the offer and have read many wonderful reviews, my heart is not healthy enough for sex. However, I don’t believe my poor son Hunter has split dark oak yet. I’d love to offer him this opportunity and create a situation that would be beneficial to the both of us.”

These were the words in an email from Biden to Harris in response to her offer. Many would argue as to why Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Kobluchar, or “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg did not make the same offer.

Perhaps they knew they were ill-equipped to deal with such a seasoned veteran in sexual politics as Harris has demonstrated herself to be? Perhaps Hunter has already slayed them? I suppose we will never know.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how politics in the Democratic Party works these days. While it is highly doubtful that Hunter found the clitoris, Kamala definitely found her back door (sic) into yet another office.


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