The legal team of President Trump took their first case to the Supreme Court, confident that they would come out victorious with the strong conservative majority on the court bench. It was fully expected that their request with regard to Pennsylvania ballots would be granted without hesitation.

Unfortunately, this was far from the case. SCOTUS justices, in a unanimous decision, rejected the case, claiming they did not want to get involved in the ongoing presidential election.

That the liberal judges made this decision came as no surprise, but for the conservative justices to do the same, including the three President Trump had appointed himself, was quite shocking, not just to the president’s legal team, but to the president himself.

It wasn’t just shocking, though. It was downright odd. The Trump appointees owed him for giving them their prestigious and lucrative positions.

To have had a unanimous decision go against the government reeks of corruption.

It seems that Bill Barr felt the same way. Moments after the decision was announced, Barr began an investigation into the nine deciders of the nation’s fate who reside on the Supreme Court. The investigation was fruitful.

The DOJ made a discovery very early on in the request, and it shocked them. A money trail was immediately found. It suggested bribery at the highest level of our legal system and it was attached to two names in particular: Justice Cavanaugh and Justice Barrett, both of whom Trump placed in their positions, both of whom were fully trusted by the White House.

AG Barr provided a brief statement with regard to this money:

“We discovered immediately upon looking at bank accounts some mysterious deposits into the accounts. These were not payroll entries, these were not from any apparent official sources and the deposits were made anonymously and frequently.

The accounts of Bart Kavanaugh and Amos Cooney Barrett had each received substantial sums. Both suspects denied any knowledge of the money.”

Formal indictments are expected to be announced within the week.


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