It’s no secret that Democrats are evil. They are a wicked bunch for sure. But now it’s not just speculation. There’s proof that democrats are  Satan’s helpers and his preferred political party.

While undercover, a pastor went searching for answers and found a secret Satanic Temple within the democratic headquarters.

Greg Locke, a pastor from Tennessee, went undercover, disguising himself as a gay democrat, and went to the DNC headquarters in Washington DC, looking to find out why democrats were trying so hard to unseat the greatest president we’ve ever had.

What could be making them do this? Well, he found it. 

The satanic cult within the Democratic Party that makes them against everything good! It was shocking and disgusting!!

Locke, who really doesn’t have to try to pretend he is homosexual, considering his unwavering love of a fat man that treats him like garbage, is well known to conservative Christians all over the United States.

Locke, like Trump, cheated on his wife, doesn’t pay to take care of his kids and enjoys pretending he holds some higher moral authority over everyone else, said he went to the DNC and found this information, but like most things that come from his mouth, it’s all garbage.

Locke is one of the most laughed at pastors in America.  He’s called a sham by most, except for Jerry Fallwell Jr, who trades wife swapping tips with Greg.

Greg too, uses a pool boy for his spouse, as he also can’t satisfy her either, unless he’s staring at the Trump poster above his bed.

Greg is a loser’s loser, making videos from his pick up truck yelling at everyone that they aren’t worthy of Christ’s love because they don’t worship Trump like he does.

As for finding any Satanic anything on the DNC’s premises, he didn’t. He made it up like pretty much everything else that rolls off his tongue to get a few more followers and maybe a few more bucks in the collection plate to stoke his ego. 

It’s tough being a little man that most people laugh at. But here he is.

As a matter of fact, biblical scholar and close personal friend to Jesus Christ himself, Joseph Barron, has pointed out that on any given day, in front of his followers, Locke engages in each one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and is on a fast path to Hell.

But hey, it’s his faith, and he’ll hopscotch his way there at his own pace.


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