If one would have thought that Vice President Mike Pence is one of President Trump’s most loyal foot soldiers, one would apparently have been wrong.

Lead Trump campaign counsel Sidney Powell, of “Kraken” fame, is now accusing Mike Pence of not only not doing anything to help her efforts to ensure that the president wins the election, but he is also actively trying to sabotage those efforts.

At this point three months ago nobody would have thought that the Deep State would ever get to Mike Pence, but sadly, new evidence presented by Sidney Powell seems to confirm this.

Unfortunately, the defection to the dark side of government comes on the heels of many others, such as the RINO election officials and Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia refusal to count all votes, “Moscow” Mitch’s acknowledgment of Joe Biden’s win, and Sen. John Thune’s insistence that “Trump move on”.

This is truly a tragedy for the American people. Mike Pence, of all people, should be more grateful for everything the president has done for him.

In an interview on Newsmax, Sidney Powell relayed her suspicions:

“When Hugo Chavez bought Dominion voting machines shortly before he died, he expanded the brand to include many other companies. Those include Dominion Energy, Dominion Clothing, Dominion Enterprises, Dominion Electric Supply, Dominion Meats and even Old Dominion University.

Almost every single brand in the United States named Dominion is owned by the Socialist Venezuelan government.

This was done to ensure that the Venezuelan government had its hands in all aspects of the US economy, not just voting machines and, by extension, could exert as much influence as possible on the US government and the Deep State.

All of those companies are intertwined and our research has uncovered that all of them, every single one of them, has contributed millions of dollars to Mike Pence’s 2024 campaign. This cannot be a coincidence.

And then there is Mike Pence’s behavior. He falls asleep at every single meeting, and nothing gets done. He hardly ever says a word. Nobody falls asleep that often. Not even Sleepy Joe.

And each time I try to meet with him in private to ask him what the heck is going on, he insists that mother be there. If that isn’t weird, I don’t know what is. It’s almost like he’s afraid I’m going to jump his bones.”

What a sad and sorry state of affairs this is indeed. Mike Pence should be ashamed.

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