There isn’t much that professor and top neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta doesn’t know about the human brain, which is why he’s currently occupying the position as news network CNN’s chief medical correspondent.   With years of experience and a long list of medical and psychological accolades under his belt, it’s agreed in the professional community that his word is reliable, well-informed, and nearly always dead-on-the-mark accurate.

He’s pretty certain at this point.

That impressive background makes it even more alarming that last week, in a special report by Gupta and a dozen other noted physicians including Dr. Phil McGraw and Professor Joe Barron, both directors of the Queefblast Institute for Big Words, all of the interviewees agreed that President Trump exhibits every classic sign of clinical insanity.  The report functioned as the impetus to convince Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to begin enacting the 25th amendment for his removal, sources say.

Gupta pointed out that the Covid virus that has been announced to be currently afflicting the morbidly obese and adderall-addicted troubled leader very often attacks mental functioning, particularly when that activity is already damaged.  Evidence that the President is suffering such an effect is thrust into the public eye on a daily basis through his tweets, which have become increasingly paranoid-schizophrenic and nonsensical.

Other damning clues pointing to Trump’s need to be rolled into a rubber carpet and kept in a cell with paper furniture and a speaker constantly playing music by Mr. Bungle, include his jabbering and incomprehensible television speeches punctuated by fits of coughing and involuntary ejaculations, his constant insistence that Barack Obama is some sort of Terminator-like machine infatuated with marring his already fraudulent reputation, and witness accounts of the Bulbous Buisinessfailure screaming at his toaster to “stop wearing slutty clothes.”

Beverly just sighed and dreamt of the Pumpernickle days gone by.

The Doctor has warned the American public against voting for an obvious troubled individual, and desperately reccomends that Trump get the help he needs.  Or not.  Sometimes it’s cleansing to see irony invade it’s own architect.


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