On Henry Bacon drive in Washington, stands a long and sacred memorial display, honoring the American heroes and patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country during the Vietnam conflict.  That is unless a proposal fronted by Representitive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is officially entered onto the docket and passed.

Conversely, Senator Lindsey Graham has authored a bill to make the Washington Monument “lickable.”

The Latina Bambina has authored a plan, house bill P1469, that would replace the long-standing structure instead with a memorial etched with the names of the victims of Donald Trump’s mismanaged Covid-19 virus.  In accordance with the documentation, the war remembrance structure would be moved to Arlington, Virginia, which some say, would provide a more sobering location to mourn the war dead among their brothers in arms throughout history.

Director of Washington’s War and Queef Division, Joe Barron, feels the reaction to such a move might cause legions of upset boomer’s pacemakers to detonate like the Enterprise in orbit over the Genesis planet.

“The conflict in Vietnam is held in a very morose area of pride and loss for many of those involved.  The majority of that generation, especially those who, unfortunately, supported Donald Trump, are about as sensitive as it gets.  They tend to adjust their pussy egos to match his, which raises their pussification level.  Even though the memorial will be moved to a more appropriate spot, it will be a cry fest.  But Alexandria is right.  This country must always remember the cost of electing an incompetent idiot like Trump into the presidency.  It costs real American lives.  And they need their country to at least apologize with a permanent eulogy.”

Engineers estimate the cost of the Covid memorial will float upwards of $200 million, a small price to pay for a generation to apologize for the bad judgement that gave their country a colossal failure like Donald Trump.  Funding will be removed from the social security fund next year.  It’s really the least they can do.


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