Well, patriots. Now we know why Brian Williams left MSNBC. It seems they’re short one liar at CNN and he was chosen to fill the gap.

According to our source inside OAN, freelance reporters from across the internet are circulating articles and youtube videos about Williams and his $4 million deal with CNN.

One source, who wishes to remain anonymous to escape the possible wrath of the Clinton kill squad, says that Williams will wait out his non-compete time and then join CNN at the anchor desk:

“Williams is still considered credible in liberal circles. They’re used to lies. All the time lies. They lie about anything and everything, and no, I don’t want to discuss specific examples right now.”

Sources are often busy and don’t typically have time to confirm or deny their information once they’ve handed it over in a credible manner.

Williams will have to wait until the no-compete clause of his NBC contract runs out in 16 years, but as soon as that happens, you will see him at the anchor desk at CNN, guaranteed.

Fox News has released a statement that they intend to hire someone even sleazier than Williams to balance the scales of faux-journalism back to the right side of boomer network news.

God bless America.


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