One of ABC’s biggest hit daytime shows just got a fresh breath of life.  Popular Presidential daughter and entrepeneur Chelsea Clinton has joined the cast of the smash talk show “The View”, starting next month as a permanent host.

In contrast, CBS All-Access will be adding new Star Trek series : “Neelix”, featuring the only character more uninteresting than Counselor Troi.

Rumored to have negotiated for s price tag of $500,000 per episode, a fee exceeding that of even political personality Megan McCain, Clinton will add youth and verve to the all-female gabfest, and may bring with her some impressive influence regarding guest stars and interviewees.  So far after the announcement, upcoming scheduled episodes will include walk-ons by both Bill and Hillary Clinton, both Obamas, the Dalai Lama, and musician Cardi B.

Show producer Sandy Batt says hiring the world’s 18th richest woman will provide a perspective that will grow the audience substantially.

“Cheslea is a wonderful and beloved personality in America, with of course, the exception of the small minority of trumpturds who, of course, blindly hate anyone ‘Clinton’ for a variety of ridiculous and irrational reasons because they’re mentally handicapped.  We see Miss Clinton’s addition as enhancing a younger audience as well, which also turns off the conservative crowd since the majority of their number are bygone-thinking coffin-shoppers.  We can do without them.  They defend any critique of Melania Trump by wheezing out excuses of ‘jealousy’, as if anyone would be jealous of a brainless prostitute slowly hitting The Wall in front of our eyes and sadly kowtowing to her abusive criminal husband like a woman in an old gangster movie.  Any one of Chelsea’s detractors wishes they were her.  In the prime of their lives and well-off because of her own investments.  She’s going to knock it out of the park.”

During Obama’s appearance, the former President will tow Joe Biden across the parking lot with his teeth.

Clinton’s stint begins next month, and a million dollar advertising blitz will clear the path for her new position.  It looks like ABC is taking their View to new heights.


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