The Ghislane Maxwell case had finally gone to trial, and Jeffrey Epstein’s long time girlfriend is naming names and implicating some oh the democratic elite in her testimony. The proceedings, which are not being televised, are a cause for concern for Hollywood and the democratic circles that Epstein ran in. There’s a lot of people hiring attorneys and worried they’ll be spending time in federal prisons, and two of those people are the Clintons.

We all know that Bill Clinton was on Epstein’s plane numerous times. He flew back and forth to Epstein’s island in the Virgin Islands. When Hillary found out that it would be public, she became enraged.  The anger just poured off of that woman. She needed to protect what was left of her political future, and she went back to her old ways. Hillary Clinton killed Jeffrey Epstein, and now we have proof.

Maxwell testified that Clinton herself admitted to the murder of Jeffrey Epstein in that New York City jail cell. Clinton detailed the way in which she, in her own words, “took care of the problem”. That’s right folks. Epstein didn’t kill himself. It was Hillary Clinton all along.  Clinton planned the murder and hired the hitman, paying off the prison staff to keep them quiet. And it worked and she thought she got away with it, until now.

Lead investigator in the Maxwell case, Joseph Barron was not surprised one bit. He had the feeling that Clinton was involved with the death of Epstein, repeating that “Epstein didn’t kill himself”.  Barron was already investigating the prime suspects in Epstein death, two new correctional officers that were hired the month before Epstein died. Patrick Starr was the officer who was working the cell block that Epstein was in. It was very curious to say the least that he quit a week after Epstein was found dead.

His superior officer, the night watch supervisor, Eugene Crabs was also implicated in the plot.

Supervisor Crabs always talking about money and his money troubles and Clinton easily talked him into it. Officer Star was a never do well correctional officer that was easily led. Clinton went into great detail to make sure the plot was never uncovered, thinking that Maxwell would also perish under strange circumstances, but it wasn’t the case. Maxwell spilled the beans, and now, Hillary Clinton’s evil deeds are now on full display. Stay tuned…..


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